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Freestyle Swimming Techniques

Competitive swimmers, who have obtained mastery over swimming strokes, can go for freestyle swimming. The activity is of high intensity. The swimmer has to start off fast, giving his body a hard jerk. One has to swim in right manner to be effective. One has to adopt suitable freestyle technique in accordance with the conditions to be effective.

  • The head must be in-line with spine.
  • Eyes should be centered at bottom of pool when not breathing.
  • One arm must be leading while the activity, while the other must be pulling or recovering.
  • Legs must be kept straight, but not rigid, and toes should be pointed out, and kicked up and down. Continue kicking the entire time.
  • Move the arms in a windmill motion opposite each other. While your one arm is extended completely out, the other should be back, almost against the side of the body.
  • Open your body halfway through your flip and stretch your legs to push off against the wall.
  • Push off the wall in different direction from the one in which you were swimming. Even at this point, you should be on your back.
  • Fineture your body and roll back over onto your belly as you glide. Your shoulders must be up against your ears and your fingers have to be pointed.
  • Commence arm-stroking as soon as your body breaks the surface of the water.
Role of Shoulder Girdle: The shoulder girdle works as a base for the movement of the arms. Its main function is to counterbalance and facilitate movements in the shoulder joint. The girdle is formed by the scapulae (shoulder blades) and clavicles (collar bones). The scapulae is connected to the trunk by muscles only. Light and very mobile, the girdle has to be employed delicately and effectively.
Role of Arm Motion: Shoulder is a tri-axial joint capable of multiple motions like flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation and external rotation. This joint has the greatest range of movement of any joint in the body. Therefore, the arm can move freely in all directions and rotate around its own axis with mobility.
  • When you get more comfortable with the turn, begin practice twisting.
  • Open up your flipping position to be in a half-tuck position and not to be in a tight ball.
  • Do not to hit your feet on the wall as you flip over.
  • Before you begin to extend for your push-off, make sure your feet are back in the water.
  • If you are not physically fit, consult a physician before attempting this activity. In any case, this information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.
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