Advice on Back Pain You’ll Wish You’d Heard Sooner

Are you getting frustrated with trying different methods to get rid of back pain problem and none of them had worked for you? If yes, then don’t worry, not every method works for everyone and it is quite difficult to find a perfect solution that works for you. In this article, there are all the tips you need to overcome this problem effectively.

Sometimes we get in a car accident which can wreak havoc on our backs. We heard a story of how this happened to a friend while waiting for a tow truck from Since then his back has been problematic to say the least.

Back Pain

Putting a towel behind your back can help you in getting rid of this problem because in most of the cases poor body posture is one of the main reasons for back pain problems. Roll up the towel if you are sitting for longer periods as it will keep the pain away and allow you to concentrate on your office work. Back pain is a problem that cannot be dealt in a day or two, it needs continuous caring and taking right measures to Continue reading “Advice on Back Pain You’ll Wish You’d Heard Sooner”

Lip Color for the Occasion

Your lips are the most important outside on your face. With that being so, you want to accentuate this feature with class and sophistication. This doesn’t mean that you hide this feature of your lips nor does it mean that you choose in lip color that doesn’t go with your skin tone or the occasion. What I mean by class and sophistication is that you follow let’s set some rules as to choosing the right lip color for your skin tone I color and also the occasion.


Day-to-day lip color: Your day today where can really be of any shade of lip color. You don’t have to stick to just the neutrals nor do you have to always wear a pop of color. You should choose your everyday lip color based on your outfit and the days activities. If your needing more of a Continue reading “Lip Color for the Occasion”

Highlighting and Contouring Tips

Defining and shaping are the name of the game when it comes to highlighting and contouring your face. This technique can be overdone, which is visible on those who have demonstrated the “what not to do” makeup tutorials. When done correctly, contouring and highlighting can give that classic, flawless and timeless look to one’s finished face.


Take contouring for instance; which is the process of minimizing areas on your face like your chin or the jaw line or lower cheekbone, you want to be specific to the areas that you are wanting definition or are wanting to minimize. To minimize areas for example, your nose, you want to draw less attention to maybe the bridge or the nostrils.


After adding your contour lines you want to Continue reading “Highlighting and Contouring Tips”

How to use eye color shades

EyesCandy sometimes is an addictive treat. In this article, I will discuss eye candy, literally treats for the eye that involves variations of eye color shades and how to use them. Eye color shades when used properly, can enhance your eye color and add a nice shape in the most dignified way. With the suggestions given in this article, you can become a pro at applying your eye color and build confidence in the choosing a variety of colors for your collection.

With application of any makeup, you want to set a good foundation. With your eye color this is no different. You want to build from that foundation color on up to your accent colors and your shimmery highlight colors. The most important thing through this process is to make sure you blend.

Blending is the most important part of application. You don’t want harsh creases but a transition to your eye color. Yes it is true, that Continue reading “How to use eye color shades”

Use Make Up to Enhance your Beauty

The saying, “Beauty is only skin deep” is a very true statement and poignant for those who live their life accordingly. Yet, the statement can be taken to the opposite extreme, which has no connection to the true meaning of beauty.


Make UpWho a person is on the inside should always be reflected in their actions. If they are genuine, then that will shine through to those who come in contact with that person. The personality traits that reflect the genuine, kind and approachable person is noticeable too those who are around them. So then their begs the question; does makeup enhance beauty or take away from true beauty?


To differentiate beauty, first I would like to explain that inner beauty is different than outer beauty. Inner beauty is the person as a whole. Their mannerisms, they’re thinking, their desires will all reflect on how they live their life and how they treat others. Makeup, clothes, money or any other material things could not change a person if they have true inner beauty that promotes good.


A person’s physical beauty, are features of a person that are yes, noticeable to others. One’s outside features can be areas such as their eyes, lips, hair, teeth and so on. These areas stand out to others as beautiful and very noticeable.  It is kind of like when you get your car cleaned by a professional auto detailing company such as, it looks way better after than before. (That is a plug for a great detailer company by the way!) These areas do not have to be appreciated by all, but will be appreciated by those who can see these features as beautiful.


How does makeup come into play with physical beauty?


In this article I will discuss how makeup can actually be used to enhance what is already beautiful. There are different layers to applying makeup from the foundation to the lipstick. Not only does makeup have the ability to cover up minor and temporary issues, it also has an ability to brighten and make certain features stand out that are normally not noticeable otherwise.


Take for instance concealer. Concealer does what its name describes, conceals. Yet it also minimizes and also it enhances. Concealer basically is a multi purpose make up in the beauty industry. When applied before your foundation, it will give you a layer over the areas that you want to isolate, whether to hide minimize or to enhance.  Concealer can also be used after applying foundation, but there is a key factor to this type of application.  Choosing the right shade of a concealer is very important. Since it is going under or over your foundation, you want that concealer to be close as possible to the color of your foundation. Having it to light or too dark can show stark contrast that may not be appealing to your skin. You also want to choose concealer comparable to your skin type. If you have very dry skin then you want use a concealer developed for dry skin. This tip should also use with regards to combination and oily skin as well.


Foundation is very important as well in makeup application. Don’t mistaken foundation as icing for cake. Foundation does not need to be heavy. The correct view of foundation should be that it is to add a layer of even tone to your face, so that from your neck up there is consistency. When choosing your foundation, just as much as you would choose a concealer, you want to choose a foundation that goes with your skin type whether dry or oily. Also, the color of your foundation needs to be chosen to match your neck not your face. Your neck is always a different shade than your face. So this means that there would be Continue reading “Use Make Up to Enhance your Beauty”